What makes these little stools 'a step above the rest?'



I painted this step stool for a dear friend Joanne. This was defintly a labor of love. Joanne gave me photos to reproduce on step stools. This stool represented the home her children grew up in. This was a perfect Christmas gift and a beautiful keepsake for her adult children.  

~They loved them!


"Judi hand painted the perfect step stools for gifts for both my son and daughter. I sent her photos of both homes, and she painted every detail perfectly...they were absolutely amazing! Both kids will cherish these gifts forever no matter where they live. Judi puts her heart and soul into every piece of the process, and her work is absolutely stunning. VERY talented lady!" -Joanne


"Leslie's 1st Grandchild"

I met Leslie at a job site where I was working on a faux finishing job.  She was looking for a unique gift for her 1st grandchild and we came up with the idea of a mother and baby mouse in a rocking chair inspired by Beatrix Potter.  It was a big hit and there were several step stools ordered as gifts for friends and family to follow.  Leslie always had great ideas and I loved interpreting her visions.


“What fun it is for me to be able to order a stool as a special gift for any of my friends. Judi takes any theme and personalizes her stools for your specific person. My grandchildren have them each personalized for their interests or room theme. Ordering for gifts, I am always confident that this gift is a fit for everyone. We have had princesses, alligators, stars, and tea party themes. You can be confident both in Judi’s personal designs and the quality of the stool. Thank you Judi for offering my “go to” gift for the special people in my life. Young or old! #bestgiftever #artsygifts" -Leslie